Light It Up: Choosing the Perfect Foyer Lighting

Light It Up: Choosing the Perfect Foyer Lighting

It’s a simple scientific fact that first impressions make a difference. When distinguished guests enter your home, what are they going to experience first but the majesty, glory, and beauty of your foyer? 

While a foyer can be a remarkable and beautiful part of your house, it can’t stand on its own. You need to incorporate the right foyer lighting to help your foyer shine and greet your guests with a great first impression.

This article will walk you through a brief introduction to foyer lighting and help you choose just right fixtures for your home’s entrance. 


The chandelier is one of the most glamorous options you can choose for foyer lighting — it’s probably also the most well known. There’s nothing better than a chandelier; it communicates class, status, and taste

You can go large and ostentatious with a crystal chandelier, or you could play it more low-key with a sleek candle-style chandelier.

Design Tip: Consider pairing the style of your chandelier with a great front door to build a house that’s aesthetically coherent right from the get-go. 

Bronze rectangle Kichler light hanging in a foyer.


A pendant is a hanging light that resembles a chandelier in miniature. You can invest in several of these light fixtures at once and hang them at different heights to create a house that adheres to the jagged lines of the modernist aesthetic. 

Whether you go with a larger or smaller option, a large cluster, or a single piece, make sure you choose pendants that interact with your architecture. If you can’t decide between chandeliers and pendants, consider hanging a chandelier in the foyer and several small pendants leading into the rest of your house. First impressions are important. . . but they’re not the whole experience. 

Wall Sconces 

If you have a smaller entrance space — or just want to spice things up — consider going not to the ceiling but the wall. A wall sconce provides unique, dynamic lighting to a room, somewhere between an overhead light and a lamp. 

A great wall sconce will add beauty, class, and grace to your entry way. It’s perfect if your ceiling is already adorned and your wall looks a little empty. 

Like pendants, you can use a wall sconce to direct the eyes like a theatrical lighting designer. Set up sconces from your foyer to the rest of your house to turn entering your home into an experience. 

Ceiling Fixtures 

A ceiling fixture is an excellent blend between more traditional ceiling lights and more formal options like chandeliers. They range from simple to over-the-top. Consider using a ceiling fixture if you want to create a more ambient, chilled-out, low-key experience. 

Perfect Your Foyer Lighting 

Foyer lighting is essential in creating a memorable first impression on anyone who enters your house. Thankfully, you have a lot of options. Consider the benefits of chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces, and ceiling fixtures, and you can do no wrong in the world of lighting. 

Visit one of our lighting showrooms if you need some help deciding. One of our lighting specialists can help guide you to a choice that will be just right for your lighting project.