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View our full Organizer offering on our website or ask your Sales Rep for a Manufacturing catalog. What makes a kitchen great Metal Base Cabinet Pullout Part of our STORAGE WITH STYLE® line of stylish organizers, this pullout features flat wire details and two modern finishes: Polished Chrome and Black Nickel. PUL LOUT SOLUT I ONS UBPO-8SC SWS-BPO8BN Max imi ze cabinet s torage wi th Hardware Resources ’ base cabinet solut ions . From cabinet pul lout s to mi xer l i f t s , we can he lp you make the mos t of a beaut i ful and organi zed k i tchen . DBPO-8SC BPO2-5SC BPOTD2 "NoWiggle" Drawer Base Pullout Maximize storage under the drawer with our shortened height pullout. Keeps all items and spices secure with our “No Wiggle” platform. "NoWiggle" Utensil Pullout Convenient storage of kitchen utensils with 4 stainless steel bins and extra storage on the bottom shelf. "NoWiggle" Tray Divider Pullout Tame cookie sheet chaos using easily accessible pullout divider with soft-close slides. "NoWiggle" Pullout The star of the kitchen! Bring your cabinet contents within easy reach. Our patented design eliminates the wiggle, keeping your contents secure. Cabinet Organizers 800.463.0660 | www.HardwareResources.com [ 252 ]