2 J EL D -WEN .COM Since 1960, when JELD -WEN began with one millwork plant, we’ve been dedicated to craf ting windows and patio doors that enhance the beaut y and func tionalit y of your home. Today we continue that tradition with produc t s that are durable and worr y-free. It ’s the result of innovation as a driving force in all that we do. It begins in the forest s where we har vest our premium lumber. In addition to responsible reforestation prac tices, we reuse and rec ycle as much of our raw resources as possible. Innovation is also at the hear t of our design and manufac turing process. With JELD -WEN, you can expec t produc t s that are more than just beautiful on the out side. The inner workings of our windows and doors are engineered to func tion for years to come. ABOUT JELD-WEN DEDICAT ION FROM DAY ONE