©2020 Boral Windows LLC For information about measuring & installing Krestmark Collection windows, visit our website: 3950 Bastille Road, Suite 100 • Dallas, TX 75212 • PH: 214.237.5055 100 SERIES The 100 and Aluminum windows are mainly a new construction window with standard sizes. However, either can be ordered exact size with or without nail-fin for additional charge. The 100 single hung has a spiral balance and is non tilt. Call out is actual size, ie. 2030 measures 24x36, suggested rough opening is ½” over window size. You may qualify for a tax credit when you replace your existing windows. For more information, go to • Aluminum is tremendously strong and stable. It will not swell, shrink, split or crack over the years. It is very durable and can’t rust. • All 4 frame corners and meeting rail connections are sealed with Polyseamseal to keep the weather out and reduce air infiltration. • Sash members are interlocked for additional strength at corners and locking rail. • Two positive sash locks reduce air infiltration (should remain locked when installing). • Weatherstripping: Sash perimeter is weatherstripped with wool pile and/or soft vinyl for quiet, smooth operation and to resist weather penetration. • 5/8 ″ insulated glass with warm edge glass spacer. Type and look of warm edge spacer may vary. • Sloped sill for easy water run off. Corners sealed with Polyseamseal. • Quality certified in accordance with AAMA specifications. Note: All picture windows, shapes and one-frame glass larger than 30 square feet will come with Tempered Glass as stan- dard for safety reasons. All additional charges for Temped Glass will automatically be applied. • Glazing: E66 is a light green tint with most efficient U & SHGC. • Tempered, Obscure, Bronze or Grey glass. LoE E40 is a soft muted blue color to reduce solar glare and heat gain. • Factory-mulled or stacked units and field mull accessories. • Custom sizes available with or without fin. GRILLE OPTIONS ONE LITE 5/8" PRAIRIE 5/8" COLONIAL FEATURES OPTIONS COLOR OPTIONS ALMOND BRONZE WHITE GRILLE BETWEEN GLASS PERFORMANCE DATA *Available on request