Modern Flames 2019

16-19 Landscape Pro MultiView Series Built-in Clean Face Electric Fireplace 20-23 Spectrum Linear Series Linear Electric Fireplace with 12 Flame Colors 24-27 Spectrum Conventional Series Conventional Electric Fireplace with 12 Flame Colors ABOUT US Modern Flames was established in 2008 and has quickly become the innovative leader in contemporary electric fireplace design and technology. After pioneering the linear electric fireplace throughout North America, Modern Flames’ brand has skyrocketedwithmany firsts tomarketwhich include; the first linear recessed electric fireplace, the first fully built-in electric fireplace, the first outdoor electric and now the first steam electric fireplace. Modern Flames’ products have gained notoriety with architects, designers, builders and homeowners for its unbelievable life-like flame appearance, ease of installation and affordable cost to the builder compared to wood and gas. With global movement into greener building and high efficiency products, Modern Flames’ new FusionFire TM technology allows consumers to achieve the look of a fireplace without sacrificing the realism of a real fire. With a new corporate headquarters and expanded warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona, along with it’s new steam technology, Modern Flames continues to be a leader in the electric fireplace industry. Modern Flames is innovating the industry standards of tomorrow. CONTENTS 4-7 Ambiance CLX2 Series Framed RecessedWall Mount Electric Fireplace 8-11 Landscape FullView 2 Series Electric Fireplace with Unique Frameless Design 12-15 Landscape Pro Slim Series Electric Fireplace with Unique Frameless Design 28-31 Sedona Series Built-in Flush Mount Electric Fireplace 32-33 Sunset Charred Oak Logs Electric Log Set - Li-ion Battery or Plug-in 34-35 ZCR2 Series Electric Fireplace Insert 2 3