STILEChoice Catalog 2020

Just What You Want L et’s cut to the chase: At IHS Door Company we do one thing, and we do it really well. We make MDF stile and rail doors. Quality interior doors, for home or commercial use. And in a myriad of options: sticking, panels, glass, size, whatever a customer wants. That’s STILEChoice ® . Doors made right, to your design specs, and delivered quickly. But it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Our doors are built to the highest construction standards, yet priced very competitively for a simple reason: This is all we make. We’re invested in delivering precisely what a customer needs, not in costly inventory, marketing, or other overhead. The only thing we pass on to you is an exceptional door, made to your order. Why should it be any more complicated? We do quality. Exceptional MDF stile and rail doors. Made 100% in the USA, nothing imported. So no waiting, no size or design limitations, and superior quality control. STILEChoice ® Doors are MDF stile and rail construction. STILEChoice ® MDF is a 95% (or more) recycled material that delivers superior design advantages and finishing properties. It’s a less complicated, more versatile product, easily adapted to any design. MDF does not contain knots or rings, making it more uniform than natural woods for manufacturing and finishing. Better construction methods True stile & rail construction Green materials New standards & possibilities: now available as standard heights: 6'8", 7'0", 7'6" and 8'0" Premium MDF 2 S TILE C HOICE Stile and Rail Primed MDF Interior Doors