The Benefits of Barn Doors

The Benefits of Barn Doors

Get unhinged with a barn door system. Many homes have taken advantage of their benefits and popularity. So what do barn doors offer that swinging doors and pocket doors don’t? Let’s take a look.

Benefit #1: Save Space

Every room is different. Sometimes hinged door just take up too much space in smaller areas of the home. A barn door sits almost flush against the wall gliding easily back and forth. No matter the width, they take up virtually zero space in a room. They’re perfect for utility rooms, mud rooms, hallways, bookcases, pantries and so much more.

Benefit #2: Convenience

Utilizing wall space in a home means there’s more room for your style, leaving plenty of space for furniture, tables, and home decor. A barn door also makes it convenient to move furnishings in or out, with minimum obstructions. So for areas like dens, offices, and media rooms, a barn door system will look great and stay out of the the way.

Benefit #3: Open & Close with Ease

Another nice feature of barn doors is how effortlessly they glide along the track. Even solid doors will quietly roll with ease with a gentle push or pull. Barn doors can also be compatible with ADA regulations making them perfect for older adults and children to operate. Add a barn door to a playroom, bathroom, or closet for effortless function and style.

Benefit #4: Easy Installation

You don’t have to be Chip Gaines to install a Barn Door. Installation of a traditional door unit or pocket frame will require some construction knowledge and extra materials. When installing a barn door, all you need is the door(s), the track, and maybe a piece of 1×4 trim. So, when you’re ready to upgrade or change styles, it’s a snap to replace the door itself without the track.

Benefit #5: Aesthetics

The fifth and best benefit is simple, barn doors just look great! From rustic to modern, no matter the style, a barn door will add unique beauty and charm to any room. With the huge selection of door designs and track options, the possibilities are almost endless. Add a chalkboard door to a playroom or open up a dining room with a set of full glass barn doors. It’s easy to set your home apart with the extraordinary design of a barn door.

Things to Keep In Mind

  • Make sure there is enough wall space. At least double the door size.
  • Watch for light switches, shelves, electrical sockets, or anything else that could obstruct or be covered when a barn door is opened.
  • Some door casing and base mouldings can block a barn door from operating.
  • Barn doors do not seal completely when closed, leaving small gaps for sound to enter. Good to keep in mind if using for bedrooms or bathrooms.
  • Barn doors do not come with locking mechanisms. Some after market hardware can be added but they’re not great if you’re looking for a little extra privacy.

So no matter the style of a house there is most likely a perfect spot to show off your style and enjoy your new barn door set. Visit Tri-Supply to see our full selection of barn doors and tracks.

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