4 Things You Should Know About Induction Cooking

4 Things You Should Know About Induction Cooking

Induction Cooking

Considering you’ve probably already seen this image, or one very much like it, the question is – “What is that and why would I want it?”. We thought you might like the short story so, here it is:

Less Time In The Kitchen

On a new induction cooking surface, you can boil water in about two minutes or less as opposed to 5-8 minutes on traditional cooking surfaces – including gas. That means reduced cooking times and a lot more control over meal preparation. Less time cooking and more time enjoying the “fruits” of your labor, so to speak.

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Since most of the heat is transferred directly to the pot, less energy is wasted. No more heating up the whole kitchen. Gas cooktops are notorious for that. Less excess heat also means less power is required for venting. Saving energy and money. Also, our induction cooktops are touch control – no knobs to collect dirt and grease. A truly green way to cook.

  • Energy efficient
  • Reduces heat in you workspace
  • Gets the job done faster
  • Easiest cleanup

Is It Reliable?

Induction cooking is not a new technology. The first patent for induction cooking dates back to the early 1900’s. So no worries about how long it will last – it’s a tried and true product. Recent advancements in more affordable technologies have made it readily available for our kitchens today.

First patents date from the early 1900s. Demonstration stoves were shown by the Frigidaire division of General Motors in the mid-1950s-Induction Cooking / wikipedia

Do I need a special pot?

The quick answer is probably not. You may very well be able to use what you already have. A good test is to place a magnet against the bottom of your pot. If it holds the magnet, you’re all set. Although the initial purchase of an induction cooktop may be higher than a conventional one, at least you won’t need to fork out big cash on new cookwareunless you want to of course.

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