How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Lighting

How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Lighting

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At least two-thirds of Americans spend up to an hour in the bathroom every day. That amounts to 420 minutes per week. 

Aside from their primary purpose, many people use the bathroom to enjoy a relaxing bath or indulge in a multi-step skincare routine. In other words, it’s the ideal place to pamper oneself. 

The trouble is, the wrong bathroom lighting can make a bathroom feel like a dark dungeon instead of a calming oasis. 

To get the best lighting for your bathroom, you’ll need to select the right combination of fixtures. Here, we’ll show you which types of light fixtures to choose that will make your bathroom look great.

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Start With Vanity Lighting

The first type of bathroom lighting you should choose is the light over your vanity mirror. This is the spot where you or your family members will shave, style their hair, or apply makeup, which is why good lighting is critical. 

Many homeowners opt for wall mount sconces or vertical fixtures. These fixtures offer even lighting around the mirror without casting shadows on your face. 

You’ll also need to decide to mount your sconces above the mirror or on either side. If you have double sinks or limited wall space, it’s often best to mount the lights above the mirror. If you’re mounting on the sides, the lights should be about 40 inches apart. The center of the lights should sit 66 inches above the floor, which is roughly at eye level for the average person. 

Lighting Design Tip: Today, bathrooms are all about creating a space to unwind and relax. Give this everyday area a luxurious appeal by adding a chandelier.

Consider Adding Shower Lighting

If you’re updating an older bathroom, a significant upgrade is to add lighting over the shower. The extra lighting will make it easier to bathe and simpler to clean the shower.

For combination showers and baths, consider installing a dimmable shower light. It will make relaxing baths feel spa-like if you can adjust the brightness. 

It’s okay to skip a shower light if you have a small bathroom with plenty of natural lighting or if you’re installing a glass shower door. In these cases, you may not need the extra light. 

Baby Blue Bathroom Vanity with Light Fixtures
HInton Collection from Progress Lighting vanity lighting in bathroom with round mirror

Finish with Ambient Lighting

The third component in lighting a bathroom is ambient lighting. This often replaces natural light, but it also offers general lighting to the entire bathroom. Plus, it’s a great way to add another element of style. 
The most common source of ambient lighting comes from ceiling light fixtures, whether that’s a simple ceiling mount light, pendant lighting, or even a chandelier.

Think about the style you want for your bathroom and choose a fixture that fits. A simple ceiling light is best for contemporary bathrooms, while chandeliers are perfect for luxurious bathrooms. 

Choose the Right Light Bulbs

The best bathroom light bulbs offer bright light that’s not too yellow. Many people opt for daylight bulbs for their brightness. But, if you’re applying makeup, soft white light is usually more flattering.

It’s also helpful to pick bulbs with a CRI rating above 90. Having a rating above 90 indicates that the bulbs have high color contrast, which is important when you need color accuracy for applying makeup or hair dye.

Plan Your Bathroom Lighting Design Today

The proper bathroom lighting will make your daily routine easier and more enjoyable. Plus, it will transform the style of your space. 

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