Steam Ovens: The Next Wave of Cooking

Steam Ovens: The Next Wave of Cooking

The Next Wave

The art of cooking has evolved over the years: from the discovery of fire to the invention of the microwave and the induction cooktop–and now the next wave of cooking – steam. The concept of cooking with steam is nothing new in a professional kitchen, but to the home chef, it’s revolutionary.

Proven to Perfection

Steam Ovens may be the new to the home kitchen, but they’re far from new technology. The French have actually been cooking with steam for over 100 years. Now, add in the latest convection technology and you have a proven way to get the most flavorful, perfectly browned, incredibly moist food you can make at home

Efficient & Versatile

Steam ovens are great for kitchens with limited space. Their compact size cuts down preheat and cooking time making steam ovens a more efficient option, while still being able to cook a full course meal at one time.

Although the main reason to own a steam oven is the superior quality of food it produces, you can also use them to rejuvenate leftovers to fresh out-of-the-oven deliciousness. From soufflés to sugar cookies, steam ovens are surprisingly versatile.

Food for Thought

If you love food, then a steam oven is right for you. Big things come in small packages and a steam oven is just that. It will open up a whole new world of culinary possibilities. From cooking more efficiently, preparing full course meals, to perfectly reheating leftovers, change the way you cook and visit Tri-Supply.

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