Why Wood Pellet Grills Will Get You Grilling Again

Why Wood Pellet Grills Will Get You Grilling Again

Best Selection Of Wood Pellet Grills

From the beginning of time, we’ve been hard-wired with a desire to spend time outside, explore, and go on adventures in the great outdoors. The more time goes on, the more we move inside, stuck behind computers and TV screens. We can’t help it – a lot of us have desk jobs and in today’s digital world, we can’t avoid it.

However, if you’re anything like us, you jump at any opportunity to get outside – especially if it means we get to grill and make delicious food with family and friends.

The Problem? – the fun of grilling is often outweighed by its time-consuming nature.

At Tri-Supply, we get it. We’re just as passionate about the outdoors as you are, and as a factory-authorized pellet grill supplier, we’ve been making it a pleasure to get outside since 1958.

If you want to know where to buy the best pellet grills, we offer one of the widest range of the most popular high-quality pellet grills and outdoor cooking accessories, from the most trusted and established brands.

Our associates are genuinely passionate about helping you find the perfect grill to suit your needs, lifestyle, and budget. Make a visit to one of our outdoor grilling showrooms and you can rest assured you’ll have all the education you need to make an informed grill-buying decision.

We are committed to helping you enjoy an authentic outdoor experience, every time. Enjoying the food, flavors, and aromas you love, without the hassles or headaches of spending your entire Saturday standing behind the grill.

We all want to focus on making memories, not just the food – right?

Ready to supercharge your wood-fired experience? Let’s dive right in.

Traeger Wood Pellet Grills

Best Selection of Traeger Grills and Accessories in Austin, Beaumont, Conroe and Temple Texas

Tri-Supply proudly stocks original wood-fired Traeger grills, that will save you time while guaranteeing delicious food that will never be short on flavor. Traeger is well known for helping you “taste the wood-fired difference,” with 100% natural hardwood that delivers a tantalizing wood-fired flavor, every time.

These grills use the best of wi-fi connectivity and integrations with the Wi-Fire mobile app to get you grilling instead of sweating. Traeger pellet grills also come with loads of recipes to get your grilling experience started.

Why Buy A Wood Fired Grill?

In many ways, a wood fired pellet grill is a better outdoor cooking solution than gas and charcoal. Here’s why:

  • Taste – Wood Naturally enhances flavor
  • Versatility – Grill, Smoke, Bake, Roast, Braise or BBQ
  • Ease – No need to babysit, set it and forget it
  • Consistency – Cook like a pro every time
  • Community – Traeger provides daily recipes and best in class service

The best part of purchasing a Traeger wood-fired pellet grill is that the grilling is basically done on autopilot. No flipping, no poking, and no obsessive temperature-checking. Your Traeger Wood Pellet Grill does the hard work for you, so you can focus on enjoying life’s most special moments with your family and friends. With 6-in-1 cooking versatility, Traeger is an undisputed leader in the grilling revolution, with more power and more flavor.

Green Mountain Grills

Best Selection of Green Mountain Wood Pellet Grills

This brand is renowned for pushing boundaries and breaking the rules when it comes to creating wood pellet grills. Green Mountain is committed to helping you grill smarter. With advanced technology like wi-fi connectivity and the user-friendly Green Mountain Grill app, these grills will absolutely save you time – without making you feel like you’re operating a space ship.

Green Mountain grills do the hard work on your behalf. Just fill the chamber with the supplied wood, activate the grill, and let Green Mountain take care of the rest.

These grills are equipped with an impressive range of features designed to make life easier, including:

  • lid window
  • dual meat probes
  • larger tires
  • reinforced chassis
  • an easy-to-use controller
  • front and bottom shelves
  • accessory hooks
  • and of course, Wi-Fi!

Green Mountain Grills make it a pleasure to get outside and grill whatever your heart desires, easily and in style. This market leader in top-of-the-line wood pellet BBQ grills and accessories is a guaranteed premium experience time after time. Browse the most popular features here to find your favorite model and visit our showrooms for a first-hand look today!

Wood Pellet Grill Accessories

Wood Pellet Grill Accessories From Traeger

If you already have a great wood pellet grill, or are considering one for the first time, you can take your outdoor grilling experience to the next level with a huge selection of grill accessories at Tri-Supply.

From Sauces and Rubs to Hardwood Pellets and Flavor Chips, you’ll find the best selection of Wood Pellet Grill accessories, in stock, at Tri-Supply

Select your favorite outdoor covers, tray and bucket liners, cookware, cutting boards, grill add-ons and a lot more at Tri-Supply.

Come see for yourself at one of our huge outdoor cooking showrooms or connect with us to get notified about live demo events where you can see these great wood pellet grills in action and get some awesome food at the same time!