How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Lighting

How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Lighting

When you think of kitchen lighting, one might assume a standard overhead light will do. But personality isn’t conveyed by what you have in your kitchen – it’s the way it’s lit. Think of lighting as a reflection of your character. When selecting lighting, the general rule of thumb is to choose lights that give the most significant impact on your space and match them to the type of design you’re going for. Don’t worry; there’s no right or wrong answer here – just the choice that best serves your goals. 

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are an eye-catcher in the kitchen and work well over an island or breakfast nook. Depending on your aesthetic and personal style, you can choose from a range of pendants. Pendants usually hang from the ceiling, like a necklace for your kitchen. They instantly draw the eye upward, which can make your kitchen feel more spacious. They are a great alternative to the standard overhead light:

  • For a soft, romantic look, consider a conventional Tiffany style light. 
  • For an energetic, contemporary feel, opt for modern glass pendants lights. 
  • To express your creativity, choose pendant lights with artistic designs to create a piece of art in your kitchen.
kitchen pendant lights

Lighting Design Tip: Since so much home life happens in the kitchen, one of the greatest design tips is to be sure that all fixtures are dimmable so the light can be adjusted to meet the needs of the moment.

Cabinet Lights

Cabinet lights can add both functions and spark to your kitchen decor, especially if you have late-night snack eaters living with you. What’s more, LED cabinet lights can add that much-needed wow factor to your kitchen. When buying led lights, ensure the color is adjustable, so you can match your cabinet lighting to the decor of your kitchen or simply have some fun. 

  • Under-cabinet lighting is the most cost-effective option for added storage and convenience. There are a few things to consider when choosing under-cabinet lighting. When purchasing, look for a light source that gives bright light with the ability to get rid of any shadows. A sound under-cabinet lighting system should also be simple to install and use.
  • Over-cabinet lighting is ideal for kitchens with larger surfaces. It provides maximum visibility while remaining discreet and modest enough to not be distracting. Choosing a placement is the key to getting the most out of over-cabinet lighting.

Wall-Mounted Fixtures

Wall-mounted fixtures work wonders for kitchens that lack built-in lighting, having a few mounted on your walls can benefit you greatly. A wall light looks very industrial, but can also look modern and sophisticated. These types of lights have a smaller footprint and are ideal for small kitchen spaces. They can even be hung on your cabinet handles or on the backs of kitchen chairs for additional lighting.


Remember, you want the light in your kitchen to add to the ambiance and not make the room feel cramped. It’s a good idea to take your time selecting the proper light fixtures and bulbs for your needs. Whether you’re hanging the light above your sink or brightening up a darker room, there are lots of lighting options out there. The main thing is to be creative and think of lighting in a way that suits your particular kitchen. 

Visit one of our lighting showrooms if you need some help deciding. One of our lighting specialists can help guide you to a choice that will be just right for your lighting project.