How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Lighting

How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Lighting

Cottage style porch with pendant lights

Outdoor lighting fixtures can be traced back to the early 1790s. This was a significant development because it allowed lamps to run all night without having to be relit.

Outdoor lighting has been standard in neighborhoods ever since. It’s not specific to commercial buildings, though. Many people use outdoor lights to decorate their yards.

Installing the lights is often the easy part. Choosing which lights work best is where things get complicated. 

How are you supposed to choose the best lighting? Is there any way to make it easier? It turns out that there are a few things that might help, and we’ll talk more about them here.

1. Location

Outdoor lighting, much like real estate, is all about location. To a certain extent, the type of lighting you use will be decided by where the light will be installed.

Location is also going to decide what kinds of features your light will need. How often will your lights be exposed to the elements? Are you in an area that gets a lot of rain or sun?

These questions will need answering because not all lights are as weather resistant as others. 

Exterior Entry Wall Light Fixture

While considering your exterior light locations, you’ll want to be sure you get the right size light fixture in place. Take a look at this quick guide on how to choose the right size.

2. Purpose

While decoration is what most of us think about when outdoor lighting comes up, it can also have other functions. Many use outdoor lighting as a form of security.

Security lights are a common type of light that is designed to detect rapid temperature changes often called “motion detection”. This is linked to a light, which turns on in response to the quick change.

Although this is most common on flood lights, it is also available on decorative lighting fixtures as well.

3. Amount of Light

All lamps are not created equal, but that’s a good thing. Not every room needs the same amount of light. For instance, you do not need floodlights in your bedroom.

You may be tempted to go for the brightest lights on principle, but that may not be the best choice. Area cover is just as important as brightness because even the brightest lights can only cover so much.

Dimmer lights that are more affordable and can cover a larger area are the better option. They may even save you money over time.

4. Style

Outdoor lights come in many different styles, and which to use depends on your personal taste. Would you prefer something sleek and modern, or are you more fond of Victorian-era lanterns?

Regardless of what your style is, you can find things for it in our catalog.

How to Choose Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting comes in many different forms and can serve any number of other purposes. That’s why it’s important to take note of your options and the specifics of your home.

If you want to know more about outdoor lighting and other home design choices. Don’t hesitate to contact us to ask questions or request a price.